The Internets are Null

So the Internets are nowhere to be found in Genoa. At least almost nowhere. After asking at a Xerox place for directions, we finally made it to this horrible Internet café where a bunch of Italians are playing casual flash games online for €3/h. I shouldn't make fun of it because that is basically how I make a living, but nevertheless it is quite vexing to see.

Mia on the train from Milan to Genoa.

Anyways, so Mia and I met up at the central station in Stockholm to take the express train to Arlanda. Mia had taken a taxi from Hötorget to the station (that's a 2 minute walk)... Anyway, we made it to Arlanda and all the way to Milan without fuss, even though we had some trouble fitting all the nubbe inside Mias bag which was, for some reason, full of cowboy gear.

Beer in Milan.

After touching down in Milan we had a beer before catching a train to Genoa where we were greeted by Dave the Professor, who was wearing a black cowboy hat. Awesomeness. We wandered around in Genoa for a while before meeting up with Tobias the Doctor, with whom we would indulge in the fine vino rosso of Italy. Brilliant stuff.

Red wine at the café just below our apartment. From left: Tobias, Dave, Mia.

After having a nice dinner at a restaurant that only had one poor baltic waitress (hello, understaffed!), we went back to the apartment and shared a couple of bottles of wine and discussed closures (the geeky meaning of the word). I was beat from getting up at 2.30 am (to eat candy and watch Seinfeld, but nonetheless), so I headed to bed before the rest of the gang.

-- Nik


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