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It dawned on me today that I still haven't found a suitcase, and that I really need one because I don't own one of my own. Originally I had planned on buying a ridiculously large Samsonite that would allow me to just pack anything, without having to think about what I will need, all in the spirit of "If I bring everything, I will miss nothing".

However, given the recent changes to my traveling plan, I realise I probably won't be able to carry to much stuff with me, unless I want Nik to abandon me somewhere in the Alps for slowing him down with my crazy huge luggage. So now I need a new plan, and I need to set in action sometime around yesterday. Tonight is off limits though. It's beer night, for crying out loud.

//Mia, counting down from 5

Kindly submitted by The Professor

Getting one with wheels is definitely a good idea. Too hot to wander around with a backpack in Italy. The Alps will be a different story, though. If you go hiking, the wheels will be a burden.

I love the Google ads. I'm going to click on them.

2009-06-24 @ 19:32:48
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How can you not be using adblock? And they're not for making money, this damned blog service puts them there and I'm afraid they will delete my account if I use my scriptz skillz to remove them.

2009-06-24 @ 22:54:20

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