Day Two -- or "Kill You!"

So I woke up well before everyone else this morning. Went out to get some breakfast and ended up at the Italian post office looking for stamps. I'm telling you, that place is like the wet dream for bureaucracers There wasn't a computer to be seen, and everything was fucking slow, tedious manual labour with fifth generation copies of documents and stamps and what not. I was about to go all Göteborg on their asses and shout "Hallå i lådan!" to get some damn service. Took them more or less 15 minutes to handle every customer. Impressive, to say the least.

When I got back to the apartment, Johan had arrived and was sitting outside at the café having breakfast with Mia and Dave. I joined them only to find that breakfast == Corona.

Breakfast at 9.20 am.

I'm going to log off now, but I'll leave you with this brilliant flamewar from a wall here in Genoa. Peace out.

-- Nik


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