Day 0, Fail #1

So my clever scheme of not bringing anything and thus not needing a very large bag has failed already. And I forgot to bring my sandals home from work even though I went there today to get them. Probably for the better considering the horrible mess that is my bag.

On my way from the office I passed an empty street where a bunch of seagulls attacked me (yes, with beaks and poo and what not). Luckily I managed to dodge the attack thanks to some skills of mine. Let's not get into detail. If you need me I'll be on the floor playing tetris with my luggage.

– Nik

Kindly submitted by The Mother

I watched the Teletubbies today (yes, very popular 'round here) and saw one of them fit bread, a hat, a huge ball and a kick-bike into a bag only slightly larger than my small handbag. Maybe that's where you should go for inspiration?

2009-06-28 @ 22:00:51
Kindly submitted by Nik of the Internets

@The Mother: Hey, no shame in watching the 'tubbies! I should call up Tinky for some pointers on how to pack well. Maybe the trick is to just sit on the bag for a while?

2009-06-28 @ 22:30:03
Kindly submitted by The Mother

No shame here. Just wanted to emphasize the new and cool feeling we can see in the Teletubbies right here, right now. Pingu's forgotten now, that's for sure! At least for a while.

But I really think you have to contact him in some way because I think there's more to this than just sitting on the bag.

By the way. The picture shows very little of the stuff a mother would recommend you to pack in your bag for vacation...

2009-06-28 @ 22:49:15
Kindly submitted by Nik of the Internets

Really? I think it has everything a mother would recommend. It has clothes, reading material, lotion, sunscreen and a nice gift.

2009-06-29 @ 02:47:17
Kindly submitted by The Mother

Good. Exactly the answer a mother would want.

2009-06-29 @ 08:45:04
Kindly submitted by Goh riot

The horror... the HORROR!

2009-06-29 @ 11:18:54

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