Alcohol problems – guest post

As we all know, alcohol comes in all shapes and sizes. Restricting ourselves to the classic bitter a la Victoria, the choices are virtually endless, as this wonderful little picture illustrates. 

The Throwdown, The Stubbie, The Longneck
It almost goes without saying that in Genoa there will be an immoderate amount of alcohol consumption. This raises numerous questions: what kind shall be consumed? Fruity whites? Full-bodies reds? Nasty schnapps? Grappa? Good old fashioned ale? Whisky (which itself opens a whole new can of worms)? Cowboy boot bourbon? Being one the grandfather scientist in the group, I will make it my mission to take the lead in answering these questions definitively. With any luck, our combined scientific efforts will help resolve the age old: how much is that in litres?

// The Professor

Kindly submitted by Nik the Internets guy

I vote native beverages! Wine, grappa and gorgeous Italian craft ales. However, someone might bring a little something from the motherland to use when we celebrate a Swedish holiday which coincides with our visit.

2009-06-24 @ 17:04:58
Kindly submitted by The Professor

The words "From the motherlands" send shivers down my spi-i-i-i-i-i-ine.

2009-06-24 @ 17:07:39
Kindly submitted by Mia

Huh, you're right, Nik. I had forgotten all about nuckafton, it's july 3, no? For that, we definitly need some swedish motherland juice, but other than that my vote is to go native.

2009-06-24 @ 17:18:27

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