With Genoa As My Witness

Got back home today, and even though I've had a smashing time, being back home is kind of nice. I suppose a girl needs to sleep sometimes. Went over the jillions of pictures taken during this trip, and picked out the ones I liked best. So, without further ado, I give you the best from one of the witnesses.

Men of T and D examining crackers of chocolate

Dave during morning coffee

Me and Dave on our hike through the five villages

Beautiful five villages scenery

More beauty

Hollow eyed lovers at Via del Amore

Dr. T during lunch hour

Italian sea side

Wardriving Nik busy bringing down open wifi, the second time around

Gorgeous Saltzbourg

Saltzbourgian walkpath

What Nik looks like after a day of starvation

Nik keeping on the ol' straight and narrow

The best wine I think I've ever tasted

Wine distorted Nisse in Pula

The wonderful Alps

A somewhat failed jump shot in Saltzbourg

Nik and Nisse in Z├╝rich (not the one in Austria)

So what can I tell you guys? It was a fantastic trip. Thank you to each and everyone who helped make it so special.

This is Mia, signing out.

Kindly submitted by Nik of the Internets

Damn, you can't get Arman Teran at Systembolaget :(

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