Well this ain't boring

While my dear colleague and my dear new-found friend is sleeping their way through a bit of this journey to Budapest, I've put away my Lee Child novel ('One Shot', a good suspense story, but the main character is a bit to much he-man to be interesting in the long run) to blog a bit about train rides (yes, again, but I think you've gotten enough 'From Zagreb with Love'-posts to last you a while).

This is just before Mia's starting to (literally) climb the walls.

Going by train through Sweden, you can't help getting a bit bored. The same forests the same lakes I've seen Ljusdal about twenty times more than I like there's always small children who wants to be there even less than I and the smell make me nauseous...

*relax ... breathe ...*

So I was a bit surprised to realize that I Really Love train rides through these countries. The views are absolutely spectacular. The ride through the alps was magnificent, and yesterdays ride, high up in the mountains beside the bay of Rijeka was so awesome we didn't even take any pictures. Nothing could have captured it.

Even the nightly ride from Salzburg was good (despite the full train and the lack of food), although I was reading Dracula at the time, about riding through through the Carpathians, so my imagination might have been a bit skewed (read my previous post to see what I mean).

I guess it's about seeing something new, experiencing something out of the everyday life, enjoying the company of friends, learning to whistle (yes, Mia is awake and trying to learn to wolf-whistle ... she's getting there, but at the moment it's just noise ;-) ), and just having a great, exhilarating, intoxicating journey of a lifetime.

Or as Mia just shouted: "Did you hear that? I did it! That was a squeak!"

// Nisse


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