These feet are made for breaking

Granted, I've not been blogging much, leaving all of the hard work

of providing you, our dear readers (all two of you), with funny

stories about our Genovian adventures to Nikky. I am positive he's

been doing a brilliant job of it.

Genova is fucking amazing. Not just amazing in the sense that ice

cream can sometimes be amazing, but truly, earth shatteringly

freaking amazing. The food is awesome. The weather is

brilliant. Company is great. Beer is cold, and wine is

red. Beautiful.

So. Given the total awesomeness of this place, naturally, my first

instinct was to leave this place and head two hours

south. Well. To be more precise the idea wasn't mine, but Dave's,

but I was quick enough to catch on. Unfortunatly, the other guys

turned out to be big wusses, which ment that me and Dave had to go

alone to visit the five villages of lovelyness. The general idea

of the five villages is that they're located just far enough away

from each other to be at a walking distance, while at the same

time being far enough away from each other to provide a

spectacular challange. At a total, I think me and the professor

did about 4 or 5 hours walking (or rather climbing) under the

scorching sun, and we got to see all five villages. It was


I can't bend my toes without crying today. Nor can I fully extend

my legs. I've gotten a bite on my right tit, and it's starting to

swell up. There's wine in the kitchen. I'm going to go have some

right now.

Why is it I'm not spending all of my time in Italy?



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