The Alpine Trail

Alright, moving through the Alps, recollecting the wonderful scenery from my previous visits to this region. I now remember why I've said for a year now that Austria is the only other country in the world I could imagine living in permanently. Anywho, we were in Zurich a little less than 24hrs, and saw very little of the city besides my and Niks little food-and-internet trip last
evening. But we all felt it was quite enough (the prices, ah the prices). I probably won't return.

Yup, it's as difficult as always to take the Great Alpine Photo ...
won't stop us from trying though

Right now I'm wondering (for the umpteenth time) how one could best experience these countries on foot. Walking through these mountains should be a blast, but the problem is as always sleeping. Tent? Hütte? Hotels? There are no perfect
alternatives. At least in Scotland your allowed to put up your tent for a night or two. Here? Not so much.

On our way to Salzburg. Again :-D And then perhaps a small alp village with priceless views? Who knows? And that's what's great!



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