Surfin' Brrrrrrd

Yesterday was a beach day. Our Italian guide and friend Katrina took us by train to a small village where there were some nice beaches. It was bliss to take a swim in the sea after spending all these days in the hot city.

Katrina, Johan and Adrian in the beachy village. It was ssssssooo good.

Katrina is a local who lives in the neighbourhood who we met at Bar Marika which is the cafe just outside our apartment. She's been great and has taken us all around town to good bars and restaurants. We've also gotten to know a few other characters that hang out at Bar Marika every day. The most notable one is Xavier. This guy drives a yellow Honda motorbike, has a saint tattooed on his leg and is just a genius. He speaks roughly two words of English even though he's lived in London for over eight months. He first made contact with us by trying to give us a taste of his spliff. When he heard we were computer programmers, he just said "programmatorio general de Java" which we've yet to figure out how the hell he could be so spot on. There is no way this guy actually knows what he is talking about. Last night, he told us, he couldn't sleep because the birds were making noise. His solution was to take out his gun and shoot some of them from his window. He said the cats in the street were happy to have some free birds served. He's just a genius.

Johan and Tobias enjoying some urban l00t.

Anyhow, the beach. Apparently all Italians go to the beach on Sunday, which is why everything else is closed. It was extremely crowded on the beach, but still a nice change from the urban settings of central Genoa. Oh, by the way -- the train station smelled like Kärlekstunneln.

When we got back we met up with Beatrice and Nick Cameron who had just arrived in Genoa. Together with them, Katrina and a few others, we went out for dinner and ended up at this amazing restaurant. It was a so called "Michelin restaurant" and you could really tell. The service was excellent, and the food was extremely top-class. I had a mixed seafood platter as starter, went on to have some pasta with pesto and then a grilled tuna fillet. For desert, I had tiramisu. I was in awe. And the whole shebang only cost €40. Crazy stuff.

-- Nik


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