Rolling Home Across the Sea

Last night we had yet another amazing dinner. But this one was different, this was what we in Sweden call "extremt vÃĪrdigt". I'm not even going to try to describe last night. Just a perfect ending to this great trip. Trip is also something Mia has been doing, a lot. She's tripped in six different countries the last few weeks. Kudos!

I'm in the line for check in at the airport in Budapest. It's time to go home, but not in a sad way. We really squeezed every last drop out of this trip and I believe we all feel that we are utterly pleased with what has been and at the same time quite eager to go home again. Fucking lagom!

There are three free/open wifis at the airport, which is just brilliant. Hungary really knows how to treat people to basic needs such as the Internets. Two thumbs up. Damn, my iPhone has really been a sweet companion on this trip, thought I'd mention that. When we get hone tonight, we'll post some re-cap or best of pictures here. Until then, we will enjoy our flight and perhaps make a toast on the plane, a toast to us for being so compatible and awesome. That's that.


Kindly submitted by Fredrik P

It has been really nice to be able to follow you throught your trip :) Have a safe flight home! :D

2009-07-15 @ 19:09:37

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