I'm sitting on a train that reeks of pee. It is standing still. We're in Ljubljana and the locals tell us in their best English thst something called "The Storm" has "flipped it". So we are standing still. Have yet to confirm what "it" is and how severe it is when it gets flipped.

We passed the Telekom Slovenije main office on our way in to Ljubljana and Nisse seemed rather grumpy about it. I myself felt that it was nice to be able to connect all that jazz that is TS to something in the real world.

We've missed our connection in Hrjepe-Kozina and we need to figure out how to get to Pula, our destination. Guess things will work out just fine. I'm looking forward to buying a proper beach towel and to having a swim. These Slovenian kids are having a loud party on the train despite the fact that it is 7 a.m. They play horrible music and move around and shout and laugh. Bastards. Go away!

Saw quite a lot of the Slovenian country side on our way to Ljubljana, and it was spectacular! Could really consider going to Slovenia "for real" some time. Now I should listen to Tubular Bells to keep my calm. This train ain't a-rockin'.

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Note Eventually we arrived in Croatia and all is well and this place is brilliant!


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