I am so bored. Bored, bored, bored. I've not yet mastered the wolf wistle and everytime I start practicing Nik motions to leave the comartment. I'm hot and Hungary smells of rat piss. I've read almost half my book, and even though it's a good one I'm ow bored senseless with it.

Me, climbing the walls backwards, crushing a mars bar with my head

There's nothing to do, nothing to see. Hungary is almost completely flat, and all I can see are fields, Nik and Nisse. I can hear annoying american girls ('Oh, my god, I am so freaking out!') in the compartment next to ours, and they're bothering me to the point where I wish to hurt them. I am probably the least likable person on this train right now. I accidentally crushed a mars bar with my head while trying to touch the top most bagage rack with my toes.

Why is this whistle thing so freaking hard to get right?



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