Now I'm bored...


It's 4.48 in the afternoon and it's way too hot to be outside.

An image to capture the three things we do in hotels when we're bored:
Drink some wine.

At least after a shower. Before that cooling refreshness, I was sticky and moist and I probably even smelled. But in our nice air-conditioned room with a clean body and clean clothes ... I don't want to leave. That won't stop me from being bored though.

So let's talk about getting into Budapest.

It's yesterday. It's 15:03 and we're supposed to arrive in the capital (according to the schedule at least)

The train is slowing down in front of a small concrete cottage with one station inspector and one old lady. The only things
visible. We're 20 minutes late. The American backpacker asks "Is this the capital?"


It's not.

We're slowly moving into what (according to the schedule and the delay) is the main station. It's hot as heck outside.

We have left the train, and we're getting the sensation that this is the first place we've visited we're it's vital that you hold on
to your bags. It's hot and crowded. We need to get some money of the current currency.

That would be "Forint". We head for an exchange booth where we realise that we can change our remaining Euros and Kunas to about 60.000 Forint (we're rich!)

It's illegal to exchange money on the street. Which doesn't stop the "better rate here" guys to try to hustle us within two meters from the legal exchange booths.

Now let's head for a taxi.

The first taxi we encounter says it'll cost us 5.500 Forint to get to our hotel (we're apparently not that rich...). We explain that our hotel says it should not cost more than 3.300. The taxi guys talk for a while and explains to us that the traffic is terrible today, and that they cannot possibly get us to our hotel for less than 5.500.

No dice.

We call our hotel.

Our hotel-arranged taxi arrives. Will take us there for 3000 Forint.

Fuck me!
Oh darn!
This is a big city.
We're driving for ever.
The "terrible traffic" is nowhere to be seen though.

We're going across a beautiful bridge with statues in front of it. I bet we're going to walk across it later and take pictures.

Yes, I was right.

And now where going up.
Up Castle Hill (as "Europe on a Shoestring" translates it).

After a few toll booths we arrive at Burg Hotel.
What a nice hotel.

We've gotten the family room!
It has AC!

We have our own shower!
We have a view!
We have a minibar!

We have WiFi!

Surfing the Internets.

// Nisse


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