Night train to Ljubljana


If you make a list of all the romantic train lines in the world (topped by the Orient Express one guesses), the "Overnight train
to Zagreb" probably won't be in the top-ten (although Mia managed to sing a song about it... granted that was before we
boarded). But I think we've captured another central part of InterRailing here; the actual budget travel.

The boarding of a train in the middle of the night, leaving for a remote location. Sneaking past the grumpy conductor, making your way through the coaches finally finding three available seats and almost room for your luggage. Sitting among friends and strangers, some managing to sleep through the whole journey, some managing a few minutes of shut-eye between stations.

There is a romantic side of it as well, the train moving swiftly but jerking on the old and worn, jagged railroad. The passengers looking out at the night, the dark forests, the distant villages, all watched over by the pale full moon. Lights from scattered houses, blissfully unaware of the train hurrying through the night; it's business is elsewhere.

oh pale and silvery watcher
can we borrow you tonight
can you guide us on our path

// Nisse


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