Last Night In Saltzbourg

Back in our room after the most amazing dinner of gulash and knudl, followed by a gigantic portion of the local dessert consisting of baked egg whites and raspberries (which was about a jillion and one times better than it sounds). This country is scratching me in all the right ways, and in all the right places.

Austrian nit-picking

We're now looking forward to about two hours of sleep before we need to catch the first of the trains taking us to Croatia, or, as Nik put it:

'I hate to be the one making all the decisions, but I really think we should go for a swim in the Mediterranian tomorrow morning.'

Nik and Nisse outside the house where Motzart was born

This trip is awesome.


Kindly submitted by Il Professori

Looks like y'all are having a great ole time.

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