It's an aterstallare, ta mig tusan!

I just woke up. And just had a beer. Johan introduced me to something I've actually never tried before, which is an "återställare". Good stuff. Last night is blurry, and for some reason all pics I took last night are missing from my camera.   That's a real shame, because I took a photo of a toilet that had a design which captured the look of Berlin anno 1989 perfectly. Oh well. Here is the story of yesterday.

How many computer scientists does it take to mend a washing machine?
Many. And beer. And a knife.

As my previous post stated, the schnapps would come out. And they did. After singing "Jag är en fattig bonndräng" and pouring down some Pors and O.P., Johan noticed that the freezer door wasn't shut properly. So he took a knife and started fixing the freezer. And then, after successfully fixing the freezer door, he took his knife, gathered a possy and went to fix the washing machine. It is still broken.

I'm having trouble remembering what else happened before we went to dinner, but there images might give a hint.

Schnapps + bird = shirt failure

Body fluids (well, beer) + dollar bill = Superman

Shitfaced as we all were, we found our way to some restaurant where I sarcastically ordered a dish called Thai beef. The waiter didn't notice that I was being sarcastic, though, so that's what I was served. Strange as it may seem, it was one of the best things I've ever eaten. Imagine a really mean, the meanest shizzle to tha bizzle thunk da funk-man machine, chorizo -- but without the skin, instead pounded into the shape a beef. 'Splendido.

The sad metrosexual and wine jug Dave, revisited.

So, after having dinner, and after having bought a rose together with Johan to give to Mia, and after having handed it to her singing the Swedish national anthem (which was a big hit at the restaurant, the other guests even came up to us and thanked us for the performance when we were done) we went back to the bar just outside our apartment. Someone ordered grappa and beer and now is where things start to go bad. We hooked up with the first Italian we've met so far who spoke decent English, and she took us to some bar to meet her friends. T-man and I were walking hand in hand probably talking about something brilliant on the way there. God knows. I was told this morning that when the place closed I fell asleep in an alley. I don't know how close that is to what actually happened, but my shorts are rather dirty today. Anywhos, I woke up safe and sound in my bed today, so no harm done. Johan and I just had a couple of 'spresso's and a Corona each, and now we're off to the one place in this God forsaken town where you can actually access the Internet to post these blog posts.

Our sincearest appologies for being to sparse with posts, but we've no fucking way of getting online easily. XXX

-- Nik

Kindly submitted by Saint Bridget of Sweden

I am so happy that you are doing these things now, which means that you will hopefully be in need of slowing down a bit in time to my arrival. I'm afraid I wouldn't have survived if I had been there already... :)

2009-07-02 @ 13:01:38
Kindly submitted by Janis Joplin or Elizabeth II?

By the way, I just got this email that made me think of you, but maybe all of you are way too qualified for it anyway:


Skickar här information om Stiftelsen Vin & Sprithistoriska Museets stipendium för forskning kring svensk alkoholkultur. Stipendiet utlyses
varje år och sista ansökningsdag är den 1 oktober årligen, i år alltså den 1 oktober 2009. Informationen finns även på [


2009-07-02 @ 13:04:53
Kindly submitted by Jay

Oh, brilliant, just brilliant - that's the first superman I've seen since reading 'bout it in that Swedish weekend/lifestile/whatever magazine. You just made my day. I hope you will avoid the other stories that was mentioned on the same page, though!

"Jag tror vi låg".

2009-07-02 @ 15:39:30

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