How Zagreb Won My Heart

Somewhere in between that that is love and that that is friendship, there is a big space where the two overlap. This is the place where I'll always keep Zagreb. We arrived, hungry as wolves and tired as narcoleptic night workers trying to kick a coffein addiction, to find one of the most impressive cities I've ever seen. The main street was divided in two by huge parks, green and full of flowers, and the buildings where just the right size to be impressive without being vulgar. The people were friendly, and the streets were clean. The cathedral overlooked the city, and every 15 minutes there was a burst of bells sounding from every corner of the city, announcing the time.

Skål, för i helvete!

We found some chocolate to sustain Nik, who was getting noticably grumpy from lack of nutrients, and then headed off to unload our bags at the hostel Nisse had booked earlier on the train. The room was darling, small but quite adequate, and was located in the old parts of the city. We rapidly found a cozy restaurant with limber waitors, and sat down to enjoy the most fab tuna steak I've ever had. Afterwards, I washed it down with a chocolate mousse that made me want to start a religion in its name, and finally had some decent coffee. A few drinks later, and it was time for bed.

Nisse in the Croatian night

This morning we got up at 7, had breakfast and are now sat on the train to Budapest. I would have loved another day in Zagreb, and am certain that I'll someday return.

Zagreb, you sassy hussy, you have won my heart for ever.



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