"He's gonna pork'er!"

So we're still having a lot of trouble finding the Internets here in this technology depraved country that is Italy. You'll have to excuse the sparse blog updates, we're doing the best we can to keep a nice flow of posts and at the same time enjoy ourselves on our fantastic holiday. I do believe the posts will become more frequent when we enter countries like Switzerland and Austria next week.

Last night Mr. T-Man took us all hiking in the Great Hills of Genoa. After a short pit-stop at a bar slash cake shop where this Italian couple had a hard time keeping their hands off themselves ("he's gonna pork'er!" // Mia) we found ourselves at a beautifully located restaurant in the middle of a classic Italian piazza. The waiters spoke good English (rare ftw!!1) and managed to set us up with a really amazing dinner. I also ordered the beer which the waiter did not recommend ("It is made in Genoa. It is strong. I don't recommend it." // Waiter) and found that it was indeed brilliant. It was a very daring Imperial Stout from true Italian craft brewership that tasted gorgeous. I asked the waiter if he knew where I could buy beer from that local brewery and he said there was a fruit shop on Via della Maddalena where I could get a hold of some bottles. Nice.

Tobias making bad priorities when photographing.

So after having some evening liquor with Tobias and Johan I fell asleep in an instant. However, I woke up at 3.30 am and never managed to go back to sleep because of the raging heat. I spent an hour in the bathroom where it was nice and cool before I finally decided to just go out for a walk and see the town of Genoa slowly wake up. Apparently, this town doesn't wake up at 5 am, so all I saw was a sleeping town, which was just as nice.

When I returned from my walk, Johan had also given up in his attempts to overcome the wet puddle of sweat in his bed and gotten up. After three or so spresso's we decided to take a walk and try and find the beach. And we did find it. A loooong way from home, though. We arrived at a really crappy beach where this anorectic 60+ Italian woman was tanning, so we kept on walking in search of a better beach. We never did find a better one though, but we found a crappy one which cost €7 to enter. We paid and cursed this country for being so crappy, and went down to the water line only to find that there was no sand whatsoever on this beach. Oh well. At least we got some sun and had a nice, cool swim in the Mediterranean.

After getting back to the apartment and after a nice nap, I decided to go find some of that beer on Via della Maddalena, which the waiter from the night before had mentioned. I had trouble finding the street, though, so I asked old Italian ladies that I met on the way "Scuzzi, Via della Maddalena?". Every lady I asked reacted in the same way, which was by smiling and saying "Aaaaw...!" (in a "you're so cute" kind of way) and pointing me in the right direction. When I finally arrived at Via della Maddalena, I realised why they had all been saying "Aaaaw.." when I wanted to go there. Via della Maddalena isn't just the place go get some real Genoan beer. It is also the red light district of Genoa. So I have basically been walking around asking old ladies if they know where I can get laid. Win.

Mia having schnapps and writing offline blog posts in Emacs.

Now we're all hopped up on Corona, except Tobias who is working on a live compiler (I think?). The schnapps is about to come out of the freezer, and then Dave will have to sing his famous "Helsinbora" snappsvisa. God bless Aussies.

-- Nik

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I am happy to forgive you for your much awaited blog posts! :)

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