Dave in Your Window

A great man once said, "it could be the beer talking, but you've

got an ass that truly won't quit." This is quite an apt quote when

talking about any trip to Italy. Naturally, instead of 'beer' a

delectable Chianti is more appropriate. Many possible subtitutes

for ass are applicable. For instance, the supply of unbelievable

pasta is unending, though I'd have to say the ravioli with nasi

(?) sauce - walnut - is perhaps the most delictable of

ass-alternatives. The adornments and colours of buildings provide

a suitable ass-subtitute, for those into bigger structures. Or

perhaps the five villages, which, due to the significant leg work

required to get between them in the searing heat, are much like

the ass only found on MTV, often in sets of five, gyrating and

poisoning the minds of the youth of today. Even something as

simple as a morning cappuccino is exemplary ass, of the sort found

only in Italy.

-- Il Professori


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