Croatia, Baby #2

I remember writing my last post on the delayed train from Ljubljana to Pula, being very cranky at the time. Let me tell you, that crankyness went away like a dog that suddenly moves to a farm upstate! Damn, Croatia. That's some seriously good shit!

When we arrived at the hotel in sunny Pula where we had made reservations for two nights there was an immediate fuckup: "we don't have your reservation."


So after confirming with my bank that had charged me for the room, I felt screwed. The hotel receptionist looked through all his papers and systems but couldn't find anything. He sent us around the corner to go see the booking agency which handles the bookings for the hotel. We went in there and had a dead-end conversation about our reservation, it all seemed in vain. Until one girl asked my name, and after hearing it the whole office broke into laughter. They had received my reservation from a system they couldn't handle, so they hadn't known what to do with it. They had apparently been trying to work out what to do with the fax with my reservation, given up and put it in some "uhm... ?"-box. Anywho, I've rarely seen such commitment and servicemindedness from hotel/agency staff as I did in Pula. And we got our room.

View from our hotel room in Pula, Croatia.

We stayed at the hotel Riviera anno 1908 which used to be a premium hotel for jet-set people. It has now degraded an awful lot, but the building was still impressive and held a certain spooky charm that really made you feel its former glory. Quite extraordinary.

Beach in Pula.

Pula was an amazing place, everyone spoke good English and the water was the cleanest I've ever seen in the Mediterranean sea. Just beautiful. I'll definitely go back to the Croatian coastline.

Pula by night.

After two nights in Pula, we were off to Zagreb as a pit stop on the way to our final destination: Budapešt.

The Lennart Danielsson train from Pula. WTF?

Three idiots on a train, no food and barely any water. Yes. That's the second time we get on a train for a half-day long trip without anything to eat. I'm amazed we didn't kill each other. Instead we held a straight face and finally arrived in Zagreb. Oh...

Mia and Nisse in Zagreb.

... what a town! It is nothing like I had imagined. Modern, full of life (full av hälsa!) and just so cute -- this town is well worth a visit. We checked in to a private accomodation in the old town of Zagreb where we got a nice two bedroom apartment for less than €20 a pop. Win.

Went out and had a gorgeous dinner, I of course had the tuna steak. (Thank you, Ted! ;) )

After dinner we had a stroll through a park full of bats and of couples making out. It was awful, such decline of youth in Croatia... Tsk tsk. Went to sleep praying for their sins to be forgiven.

Woke up and went for breakfast, found a market where we bought the cheapest fruit I ever saw. Win again. Now we are on the train to Budapešt, sitting next to a gang of American collage girls that drive us mad with their American crap. It's like listening to a cheerleader movie. Fucks sake. But I'm not complaining, heck we're on our way to Hungary! We're flying home on Wednesday which gives us plenty of time to explore Budapešt. Good stuff. And after coming home from Budapešt I'm off to Örebro to see Astro. Great stuff. This is the best vacation evaaaah ftw!!!1$$$

Mia shopping for some fruit.

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-- Nik


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