Captains Log

While trying to sum up the madness that was this night and morning, I realised that I had a very well complete captains log of the events safe in my phone texting history. Therefore, I give to you dear readers, messages in the night:

At the train station waiting for our train to Ljubljana. I woke after two hours of sleep feeling giggly and unable to stop singing Sound of Music songs. Nik compared having confidence in confidence alone to to only programming through means of meta programming, and ended up calling Fraulein Maria a ditsy cunt. Will do some more sleeping on the train, or I'm afraid I'll spontaneously burst into flames halfway to Pula.

Nik and Nisse at the Saltzbourg station

We just managed to get seats in the train in a compartment where we were instantly hated for no apparent reason. Two very loud girls are roaming the hallway outside, and due to what must be danish combined with drugs they're totally incomprehensible. A big part of me wants to break their jaws to stop them from yapping.

Still on the train to Ljubljana, have not been able to sleep at all. Am now exhibiting all the tell tale signs of a mad person, randomly bursting out in either laughter or tears, and due to the evilness that is vending machines and my inability to rock them I'm not only hungry but down three euros with nothing to show for

Arrived in a rainy but beautiful Ljubljana, waiting for our next train which arrives with promises of a restaurant cart (LOVELY!). Managed to get some shut eye, and am feeling slightly less emotionally psycho. Oh! Here comes our train now. Fab!

Picture taken at freaking 09.16

Turns out that wasn't our train at all. We still haven't left, and the new train seems to not have a restaurant cart at all. I'm cranky, but Nik bought us some chocolate, which certainly helped. We will miss our final train, though, so we still need to
fix that. Will try to sleep some of this hunger off.

We're stuck on the same train, still in freaking Ljubljana and along with what must be the most annoyingly loud 18-year old party animals who I all dream of destroying.

Nik is giving me the sad puppy dog look, convening hunger and despair. Moustache looks rather happy, though.

Beautiful scenery, thoroughly enjoyed

We're being transported as cattle, cramped up in tiny hallways without food or water. Luckily, we're getting close, only a little under 2 hours left.

Huzzah! The new cart is fab and I've got some chips. Only 1.30 left now.

Finally! Now all we need to do is check in to our hotel. Should be easy.

Shit! They've not gotten our reservation. Fuck a duck!

Major pfew.

The first thing I had to drink or eat that day. Was drunk as a donkey on radishes after that beer.



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