(Allow me to introduce myself...)

My name is Nisse* (actually it's Lars, but that's a long story for another day), and I'll be joining Nik and Mia when they arrive in Zürich in a few days time. (Which means I won't actually be witnessing Genoa, but I was "encouraged" to blog here anyway), and accompany them on this awe-inspiring multi-country trip.


Eastbound and down.


Anywho, past contributors have mentioned the burdens of packing their bags, so I thought I'd do the same... I was on a similar trip a year ago, and at that time I decided to pack enough into my fairly large backpack to make sure that I  Avoid. Any. Inconvenience.


Which meant that my luggage became a bit inconvenient.


Opposite approach taken this year. I'll focus on travelling light, one simple bag containing only the essentials (which ideally would be "Europe on a Shoestring" and an ATM card, but I should be realistic).


I have this notion that it would be cool and smooth just to fling a messenger bag over my shoulder, and don't having to bother with adjustable straps and "did I close that pocket" and hunchback feeling.




I just became a bit distracted. I wanted to show you a picture of my collection of bags, and my difficult choices, when I discovered that my trusted camera is broken. When I take pictures, it doesn't seem to focus correctly, and the resulting image is (for some reason) interlaced ?!


The interweb says this might be the so called "Venetian blinds" problem, suggesting an imminent CCD failure (I'll investigate further). I can have it repaired for free (less than a year since purchase) but what will I use on this trip? My old 2Mpix camera? My iPhone?


I shall sleep on this.




// Nisse

*(Approximate pronunciation for English speaking readers: Take the automaker Nissan, and omit the last N)


Kindly submitted by Nik of the Internets

Great stuff! Sorry about the camera though, but I'm really looking fowrward to Zurich! Nissan... Hah.

2009-07-04 @ 18:50:19

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