All This Beauty Stings My Eyes

Leaving Zurich, strictly on a whim, in the company of Nik and Nisse. I find myself constantly out of breath, constantly oohing and aahing, actually at times fighting back tears.

Me, pining

Nik, pining even harder

Nisse, master of pining

The mountain is my muse, and I'm feeling poetic, sappy and in the mood to write some second-grade poetry. You can't stop me. Here I go.

As clouds caress your perky tops
Turquoise diamonds rest in your chasm
Fluorescent greens so pure and soft
Eyes in constant state of orgasm

Foxes jumping in the flowing grass
The sound of music in my head (I really should get that looked at by the way)
The Edelweiss is white and pure
I want to take the Alps to bed



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