101 mistakes you're likely make on your backpacking trip through Europe.

1. Over-packing schnapps
2. Under-packing everything else
3. Starting your first food order after arrival with the word "Halloj!"
4. Addressing Austrian people in Italian
5. Downloading songs from iTunes on an open wifi network, thus breaking it
6. Repeating #5 the next day
7. Expecting Italians to understand basic English words like "beer"
8. Befriending people who shoot birds from their bedroom window
9. Losing the only set of keys to the apartment shared by five people
10. Breaking the washing machine
11. Ordering veal with tuna sauce
12. Walking around asking for the red light district
13. Getting bitten by insects
14. Trying beer for breakfast
15. Growing a summer mustache
16. Ordering grappa
17. Getting bitten by sleeping girls
18. Paying €7 admittance fee for the beach
19. Breaking your suitcase the first day
20. Posting pictures to Facebook for €4/Mb
21. Riding a train for 6 hours without any food
22. Using vending machines
23. Learning to whistle during a 6 hour train ride in company of others
24. Repeat #5 in another country
25. Pouring beer on someones head
26. Not bringing a purse
27. Not bringing a wallet
28. Walking
29. Accepting a "free good-luck gift" from shady Kenyan guy in the harbour
30. Buying a bottle of wine in Zürich
31. Going to Zürich
32. Banging pots together to make a lot of noise
33. Sending 20+ damn expensive text messages each day
34. Thinking Turkey borders Italy
35. Falling asleep in an alley
36. Chasing rats while drunk
37. Singing the Swedish national anthem in a crowded restaurant to celebrate an Australian guy
38. Trying to have a wee on a moving train -- standing up
39. Planning ahead
40. Getting a hotel room with blood-stained walls
41. Ordering home made grappa
42. Thinking you could write 101 of these

-- Nik

Kindly submitted by The Professor

Mistakes? No.

2009-07-13 @ 18:46:30
Kindly submitted by The Professor

BTW. I think I ended up with most of the schnapps. Well, I have 7 bottles in my freezer which will probably remain untouched until Swedes visit.

2009-07-13 @ 18:49:13
Kindly submitted by Gianni


2009-07-13 @ 19:08:52
Kindly submitted by Jay

How could #15 ever be a mistake? I really hope the mentioned facial hair still decorates your upper lip when you return, old friend.

2009-07-14 @ 16:31:45
Kindly submitted by Nik of the Internets

@Jay: it will be there Wednesday and Thursday, but it has to go on Friday I am afraid.

2009-07-14 @ 17:51:03

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